Augmented Reality (AR) for transfusion and infusion: the AccuVein technology

How could augmented reality (AR) revolutionize infusion and transfusion therapies? AR is a continuing-evolution technology, able to improve the percepied reality by our senses through overlap of artificial and virtual information. That’s why its application in medical sector opens to possibilities before unbelievable.

This revolution covers intravenous therapies too. Finding a vein is not always easy. An estimated 40% of IVs are missed on the first attempt, causing unnecessary pain, delay and skin trauma. What’s the solution? As indicated in the recent report of Nominet Trust (link to the report), the UK’s leading social tech investor, a concrete support could be provided by AccuVein technology. Scanner weighing in at 275 grams, AccuVein uses AR in order to visualize veins efficiently and easily: an infra-red laser scans the skin, and an algorithm processes the data to project images of the veins directly over the skin, by making the work of healthcare professionals easier, especially towards the most vulnerable patients like children, the elderly, and those with a very high body mass index (BMI).

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