VA ECMO-Impella Association: pulmonary flow improvement and effective left ventricular discharge

Asaio Journal magazine publishes an article on the improvement of pulmonary arterial flow that the Abiomed Impella ventricular support contributes to generating in patients undergoing ECMO veno-arterial treatment (VA ECMO).

Abiomed Impella

Impella devices are devices for temporary ventricular support. The areas of application are both protection during high-risk percutaneous coronary interventional procedures (PCI), circulatory support in patients with depressed ventricular function or cardiogenic shock, and as support in cardiac bypass procedures.

The outcomes

In this retrospective experience of the Montpellier University Hospital, 20% of patients treated with VA ECMO benefited from the addition of Impella ventricular support.

For a subset of these patients, echocardiographic and end-expiratory CO2 (EtCO2) data were available that showed increased hemodynamic efficacy, EtCO2, and a decrease in diastolic diameter of the left ventricle proportionally associated with the increase in the flow of the Impella system. This clinical experience demonstrates that in patients undergoing VA ECMO, the association of Impella ventricular assistance improves lung flow and ensures effective discharge of the left ventricle.

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