We create value thanks to a transparent quality- based relationship with our customers and suppliers

Who we are

For more than 40 years, Gada Italia has been the reference point for public and private hospitals, clinics, university centers and purchasing groups, in the distribution of innovative medical technologies on behalf of the top worldwide manufacturers.
We service the areas relating to cardiovascular diseases, from dialysis and infusion therapies, the pre-analytical laboratory phase and intensive carethe administration of pharmaceuticals and fluids, to neuromodulation.
Every solution we provide is safety and quality-ensured, the result of our experience gained over the years and the collaboration of qualified professionals, and is always aimed at satisfying clinical needs.


To create value for our partners by distributing excellent medical solutions aimed at patient care. Transparency, collaboration and trust are the key principles of our activity and those which make our business model distinctive.


To become the leading Italian company in offering highly advanced and effective medical solutions and to develop an innovative range of hospital services.


Throughout our history, we have always worked with commitment and passion to distribute first-class medical technologies at the service of health care.

During our 40 years in the medical device distribution sector, we have achieved numerous milestones.


The winning formula of Gada Italia is its Business Model, with which it has reinvented the supplier-distributor relationship of medical devices.

The Gada Italia Business Model allows constant, collaborative and transparent dialogue with our suppliers to operate efficiently and appropriately in every situation.
In partnership with start-up companies, and for innovative solutions, we develop launch and action plans for therapies and collaborate on market access strategies.
Budgeting, business & marketing planning, business review, an efficient sales & marketing organization, product specialists, suppliers office, customer care, tenders office, regulatory affairs, logistics, finance and administration, along with other elements are the pillars of who we are as a company.

On top of this, we have acquired the know-how for proposing therapies that require planning and support for their development.








Our numbers

The distribution network of Gada Italia is constantly expanding, allowing us to reach large numbers. Here are the ones that we consider most representative.

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